At the large law firms where I worked during my corporate career in New York and London, my favorite part of my job was employee communications. It is such an important part of management communications and has a real impact on employee morale, engagement, and ultimately the bottom line. And it can be a lot of fun.

I was the editor of in-house magazines for both of the law firms I worked at. At Clifford Chance, I edited the global magazine, C, which was printed and shipped to each of the 25+ offices worldwide, five times per year. At Baker & McKenzie I edited Commonground, the magazine for employees of the London office (approximately 800 people).  I also oversaw the redesign and retendering process.

I also assisted senior management at both law firms to communicate with employees in times of change and/or crisis. It is crucial in times like these to let employees know as much as you can in a clear and orderly way; or let them know when you will be able to tell them more information. Anyone who has worked in an office knows that information (and misinformation) travels fast, so it is important for management to get the official word out as soon as possible.